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Review: Angels in America, Part 1 Millennium Approaches

Angels in America, Part 1 Millennium Approaches, one of the most important and groundbreaking plays of the 20th century, made it’s WA premier over the weekend at the Heath Ledger Theatre in Perth. Set in 1985 New York City, the play explores the intertwining lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS amidst the AIDS crisis of the 80’s and 90’s. Prior Walter takes centre stage, diagnosed with AIDS and left by his lover Louis Ironson. Walter is then visited by an angel who brands him a prophet, tasked with saving humanity. Tony Kushner’s iconic play, Angels in America, has won many awards including the Tony Award for Best Play, twice, and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. It was made into a mini series in 2003 starring an array of well known names such as Al Pacino and Meryl Streep and for which it won 11 Emmy awards, a record at the time. Most importantly though, the stories told in the play depict the very realities of people who have been affected by HIV/AIDS. It’s impossible, for those …

Perth’s Stand Up for Safe Schools! Snap Rally [PHOTOS]

On Monday night, March 21, Murray Street Mall was filled with people ready to show their support for the Safe Schools Coalition at the Stand Up for Safe Schools! Snap Rally. The rally was organised after the Liberal government announced plans to change, and eventually stop funding the program after 2017. Here are some photos of the rally, and of the people speaking up for Safe Schools in WA. To stay updated on issues relating to the LGBTIQ+ community in Australia,  join the LGBTIQ+ Community Action Group on Facebook here. To show your support for Safe Schools and to let the government know what you think of their recent decisions visit Lastly, remember to look after yourself! You can seek support at Lifeline and/or QLife! .

A Review on the TransTastic Talent Showcase: An Artist’s Perspective

I was fortunate enough to be involved as a displaying artist in the inaugural TransTastic Talent Showcase in Perth last weekend. Fortunate because it was warming to the core to be surrounded by my community and by people who support my community on a night where I was there as myself. I am usually myself, flagrantly and unabashed when I can help it, but this was a whole different class of experience. To be a transgender androgyne at Connections on a night intended to celebrate the abilities and the power of the trans* and gender diverse community was an empowering experience. Inaugural because it had better not be the last time an event like that happens in Perth if I can help it. Along with my more visual artistic fellows Lex and Asher and their gorgeous creations, my work occupied that intimate corner of Connections with the soft couches. As someone who is innately a writer, there was a unique swell of pride and terror that came with watching individuals and groups negotiate their meandering …

Queers on the Lawn [PHOTOS]

Last weekend the Curtin Student Guild Queer Department hosted Queers on the Lawn at Curtin University, in celebration of diversity. The event was open to everyone, queer or not, and had market stalls, face painting, Park’d food trucks, a bar area,  a magician, EMAS DJ’s and an amazing performance from Abbe May to top the night off! Take a look at the photos below from what was a very well organised, and fun event!

Top Queer Picks – Fringe World Festival Perth 2015

Perth Fringe is Finally here and in all my excitement I’ve compiled a list of of Top Queer Picks for 2015! I haven’t seen any of these shows before so this list is based purely off what I think looks and sounds a) entertaining b) super queer. Get excited! HEX – “Award-winning young choreographer James Welsby presents HEX, an hour-long, three person dance work reflecting on AIDS, activism, sex, and disco through the eyes and bodies of Generation Y. HEX depicts the arc of the AIDS epidemic and its impact on the queer community through allegorical vignettes using popular club dance vocabularies.” Le Gateau Chocolat – I Heart Chocolat – “This is an exclusive party featuring a delectable hand-picked selection of musical arrangements, as random as a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re going to get! But you can guarantee Le Gateau’s infectious energy and gargantuan voice will satisfy your festival taste-buds. From Glyndebourne Opera to singing for the Queen as part of the Jubilee Flotilla and touring the globe with La Soiree; to performing at the …

Vagine Regime hosts WA’s first Queer Derby Bout

Vagine Regime hosted Western Australia’s first queer derby bout Sunday January 18 at Morley Rollerdrome. Vagine Regime is an international community of queer derby folk and allies who promote and celebrate the inclusion of queer peeps in the sport. In an interview with Out In Perth Recently, WA Co-founders Mary Fagdalene and Nurse Stax talked a bit more about it. “The Vagine Regime aims to build an international community of queer derby folk. Through a commitment to inclusive solidarity we hope to create networking opportunities, cultivate acceptance, and foster derby love matches.” Said Nurse Stax Mary Fagdalene went on to say “Whilst it might not be a big thing to be ‘out’ in derby, it can still be a very difficult to be queer in the world. For gender queer or trans people, being involved in sport can be very challenging. VR has worked to advocate for the acceptance of trans women in the sport and to call out discrimination where it is present. If we can build a safe and accepting environment within our sport then it …

Internet Cat Video Festival 2015

Crowds of people gathered at Northbridge Piazza (Perth) yesterday for the 2015 Internet Cat Video Festival. Whilst this wasn’t a queer specific event, I thought I would still go down to laugh at some funny cat videos, enjoy the amazing weather, admire everyone’s cat costumes and go pet some kittens. Unfortunately, the kitten petting line looked like over an hour wait so I gave that a miss. As for everything else, it was cat-tastic! Plus, free entry! The event was brought to Perth by Cat Haven WA, the team at Northbridge Piazza and City of Perth. It was hosted by THE ever popular Famous Sharron, with Delish Ice providing the treats and the team at Flying Glow Worm Entertainment providing face painting fun for everyone. Check out the photos below!

Perth Community Comes Together For World AIDS Day 2014

WA AIDS Council invited volunteers, staff, clients and supporters to join them at Robertson Park December 1 for World AIDS Day. The theme for this years World AIDS Day was Getting to Zero; zero fear, zero stigma, zero discrimination, zero ignorance, zero risks, zero new cases and zero deaths. During the event WAAC announced that almost $3,000 has been raised by staff members to be donated to BaanGerda, an organisation located north of Bangkok which provides homes to children orphaned due to HIV and HIV care. WAAC volunteers were thanked, in particular office volunteers Natalie Seed and Jenny Thomas who received awards. Visit to learn more about what’s happening in the Perth community and what you can do to help in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Gaining Employment: A Trans Perspective

A few weeks ago I wrote an article talking about my experiences in gaining employment as a queer person. The post was popular so I decided to post again about gaining employment, but this time from a trans perspective. I was able to ask Oskar about the ups and downs of gaining employment as a trans man in Perth and here’s what he had to say! What are the main problems you’ve had to face when it comes to finding employment as a trans person? As I’ve been struggling to change my name – my legal name is my biggest indicator that something is up – particularly since I don’t present as female at all these days. Little things such as what clothes to wear – female clothes or male clothes at a job interview? I’ve been forced to present as female for job interviews and it sucks. I worry a lot about my future career – I’m worried that despite my studies, I still won’t be hired in my chosen profession because I’m trans. …