Stephanie Lane (Me!)

The Queer Av  (previously The Gay Av) is an Australian based LGBTIQ+ society, news and culture website. Whether it be politics, current issues, reviews, social commentary or pop culture you’re into, there’s something for everyone!

The website was founded in January 2012 in Perth, Western Australia, by myself, Stephanie Lane. I graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication majoring in Corporate Screen Production and Journalism, but during my time there felt the need to create something of my own, exploring issues closest to my heart. And so The Gay Av/The Queer Av was born!

All the support you can give is so very welcome and appreciated! This can include something as simple as liking or sharing our articles, to getting in contact and submitting/writing articles for us. Feedback is encouraged, however hateful comments toward others will not be tolerated. Being featured on this website does in no way  imply anyone’s sexual orientation/preferences, sex and/or gender identity.

Happy reading folks!

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