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Introducing Androswag: A New Direction in Modern Day Urban-Wear

I often think about how clothing needn’t be defined as either men’s or women’s; one or the other. The idea that we as humans must fit into two distinct boxes and stay there obediently our whole lives is an absolutely absurd concept to me, one that goes well beyond clothing. As a kid I always preferred masculine clothing and dreamed of the day when I would be confident and financially independent enough to not be confined to the women’s section of every clothing store I set foot in. I was 18 when I bought my first “men’s” shirt which might not seem all that exciting to most, though for me it was a liberating moment. It meant I was able to express myself freely, break free of the notion that ‘only men can buy men’s clothes’ and most importantly, I could be myself. It still bugged me that, even though I didn’t identify as a man, most of what I was interested in was in the “men’s” section, though given the new found array of …

Queer Fashion – What’s Out There?

I’ve recently picked up an interest in queer fashion and different queer labels currently available for sale. There’s a plethora of options available online, and for once, I can thank the marketing gods for pushing these options my way. Whether it’s a new queer print piece your after, or just some androgynous clothing that finally fits your style, here’s just a small list of  options available so you can queer up your wardrobe today! 1. PROUD ANIMALS I came across this brand when trolling Instagram for new queer content and people to follow. They have a cool range of sexuality and gender themed prints available on t-shirts, hoodies, socks, plugs, and much more. I haven’t bought anything from them yet but FYI they ship internationally and the pricing on the products don’t seem unreasonable ($32 for a tee, $48 for a sweater just to give you an idea). My favourite is the ‘Fuck Gender Norms’ sweater; Can’t wait for winter! Check out their Instagram and Website for more info and updates. 2. ANDROGYNY Androgyny was founded by Melissa …

Men In Style Society – New York fashion Blogger Shane Samuel

New York Fashion Week may be over but fashion is all year round! I was able to ask some questions to New York fashion blogger Shane Samuel recently. He talks about why he started his blog, being a fashion blogger in New York City, who he was keeping an eye on at this years New York Fashion Week and much more. Check it out. When did you first decide to start a men’s fashion blog and why?  I decided to start a fashion blog as an honor’s project during my sophomore year of college. I always had a thing for fashion, but I didn’t know how deep it went until I got to college and saw that almost all of the guys dressed the same. Can you explain to people who might not have seen your blog before, its aim and what it’s all about? I created Men In Style Society to serve as a platform for men who are looking for ideas to update their look or inspiration to create a new one. I …

Friday's Fashion Post: Tegan and Sara Team up with Keep

Tegan and Sara have teamed up with Keep Company to bring you some limited edition shoes which are available for pre-order from now until Tuesday February 11  at 11:59 PST. They will hit stores in late May 2014 but in limited numbers so make sure you pre-order if you’re really desperate to get your hands on a pair. Tegan’s Keep Plimsoll Homer features a quilted vegan leather body, a custom striped terry insole and purple color block accent on the bottom of the sole. Sara’s Keep Hi Top Guerra features illustrated international cat print, featuring cats meowing in different languages, a black accented heel stripe, sole and lining and a Signature Keep grass engraved cup sole. Both Tegan and Sara designed their own pair from top to bottom and are very excited by the results. “Both shoes really reflect our own personal style, so we hope you love them as much as we do,” they said. For further info and to pre-order yourself a pair visit

Friday's Fashion Post – 'Good Guys Don't Wear Leather'

By Jaini Shah Who wouldn’t want to wear some awesome vegan friendly shoes right from the suburbs of Paris? They’re fashionable, comfortable and contain no animal products because guess what? ‘Good Guys don’t wear leather’. In the words of Good Guys themselves; “GOOD GUYS cherishes the past, but embraces the future. The brand plays with shapes, styles and looks from older times, but continually explores new materials and production methods.” Sounds pretty cool huh? I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a pair of these bad boys for my birthday after a few of my friends put in to buy them for me. The best thing about them is that anyone can wear them and look uber fashionable with their amazing colours and styles suitable to fit anyone’s wardrobe. Check out the Good Guys website at for their new season stock or check out their Facebook page at for updates.

Friday's Fashion Post – Everyone Is Gay

Need a conversation starter? Try and ‘Everyone Is Gay’ t-shirt. LEZ be honest, t-shirts never go out of fashion, ESPECIALLY gay ones! Not only is it totally gay, but it comes from a queer duo who post weekly videos to help people in the LGBTQ community. They’ve traveled to colleges around the U.S to spread the love and have a habit of keeping you in stitches. To find out more about what they do visit their website at To check out more of their cool t-shirts and accessories click here.

Friday's Fashion Post – Bow Tie Mania!

So what’s better than a bow tie? A Superman bow tie of course! Or a Batman one for that matter. My friend recently bought me a comic bow tie and so naturally, as a new lover of this item of clothing, I jumped at my first chance to where it out. My event of choice; my local Pride Parade! There’s nothing that says Queer than a little bit of bow tie love! People seemed to loved them, and at one point a stranger even commented on how he loved the costume (my friend wearing her superman bow tie, and I wearing my Batman).  In short, they just just look so darn cute, and they are something just a little different to your average black bow tie. They were ordered online from a website called ‘Etsy’. Etsy  allows artists to be creative and market and sell their products online. So not only are you looking super fly, but you’re also helping a community of artists; a win win in my opinion. Check out the website at …