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Vagine Regime hosts WA’s first Queer Derby Bout

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Vagine Regime hosted Western Australia’s first queer derby bout Sunday January 18 at Morley Rollerdrome.

Vagine Regime is an international community of queer derby folk and allies who promote and celebrate the inclusion of queer peeps in the sport.

In an interview with Out In Perth Recently, WA Co-founders Mary Fagdalene and Nurse Stax talked a bit more about it.

“The Vagine Regime aims to build an international community of queer derby folk. Through a commitment to inclusive solidarity we hope to create networking opportunities, cultivate acceptance, and foster derby love matches.” Said Nurse Stax

Mary Fagdalene went on to say “Whilst it might not be a big thing to be ‘out’ in derby, it can still be a very difficult to be queer in the world. For gender queer or trans people, being involved in sport can be very challenging. VR has worked to advocate for the acceptance of trans women in the sport and to call out discrimination where it is present. If we can build a safe and accepting environment within our sport then it can make a big difference in the lives of individuals external to it.”

It was my first time attending a roller derby event so the fact that it was queer focused was an awesome bonus. QLife and Living Proud had a stall set up at the event, both worth checking out for the awesome work they do for the LGBTI community. I’m still not 100% sure of the rules, or what was happening at every moment of the bout, but after seeing the passion and commitment these peeps had to the game, I’ll definitely be watching more roller derby events in Perth in the future.

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