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Perth Holds Candlelight Vigil for Orlando

On Wednesday night, June 15, a vigil for those lost in the Pulse Orlando shooting was held at Perth Cultural Centre in Northbridge. Though it had only been days since news of the horrific attack had hit, hundreds of people were present to stand in solidarity with the victims, friends and families affected. Speakers at the event included Freedom Centre‘s Stephen Boccaletti, Lynn MacLaren, Louise Pratt, and many other passionate community members and professionals. Gay and Lesbian Singers of WA also made an appearance performing a chilling rendition of “Seasons of Love” from the Broadway musical Rent. In being at this event, seeing people coming together and hearing people speak so emotionally about their experiences of being LGBTIQ+, I’m reminded of how resilient this community I’m a part of really is. The lives lost in this tragedy will never be forgotten, though the voices of the Perth community, and of voices from people at events like this all around the world give me hope for a better future. Because I know, when faced with tragedies …

Queers on the Lawn [PHOTOS]

Last weekend the Curtin Student Guild Queer Department hosted Queers on the Lawn at Curtin University, in celebration of diversity. The event was open to everyone, queer or not, and had market stalls, face painting, Park’d food trucks, a bar area,  a magician, EMAS DJ’s and an amazing performance from Abbe May to top the night off! Take a look at the photos below from what was a very well organised, and fun event!

Vagine Regime hosts WA’s first Queer Derby Bout

Vagine Regime hosted Western Australia’s first queer derby bout Sunday January 18 at Morley Rollerdrome. Vagine Regime is an international community of queer derby folk and allies who promote and celebrate the inclusion of queer peeps in the sport. In an interview with Out In Perth Recently, WA Co-founders Mary Fagdalene and Nurse Stax talked a bit more about it. “The Vagine Regime aims to build an international community of queer derby folk. Through a commitment to inclusive solidarity we hope to create networking opportunities, cultivate acceptance, and foster derby love matches.” Said Nurse Stax Mary Fagdalene went on to say “Whilst it might not be a big thing to be ‘out’ in derby, it can still be a very difficult to be queer in the world. For gender queer or trans people, being involved in sport can be very challenging. VR has worked to advocate for the acceptance of trans women in the sport and to call out discrimination where it is present. If we can build a safe and accepting environment within our sport then it …