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Perth Holds Candlelight Vigil for Orlando

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On Wednesday night, June 15, a vigil for those lost in the Pulse Orlando shooting was held at Perth Cultural Centre in Northbridge.

Though it had only been days since news of the horrific attack had hit, hundreds of people were present to stand in solidarity with the victims, friends and families affected.

Speakers at the event included Freedom Centre‘s Stephen Boccaletti, Lynn MacLaren, Louise Pratt, and many other passionate community members and professionals.

Gay and Lesbian Singers of WA also made an appearance performing a chilling rendition of “Seasons of Love” from the Broadway musical Rent.

In being at this event, seeing people coming together and hearing people speak so emotionally about their experiences of being LGBTIQ+, I’m reminded of how resilient this community I’m a part of really is. The lives lost in this tragedy will never be forgotten, though the voices of the Perth community, and of voices from people at events like this all around the world give me hope for a better future. Because I know, when faced with tragedies such as the Pulse Orlando shooting, the queer community is more determined than ever for change.

The Perth Vigil raised a total of $769 from local LGBTIQ+ community members and supporters. To donate money to support those affected by the shooting visit the GofundMe page started by Equality Florida.

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