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TropOut 2017, Half-Naked Cooking & More: An Interview with MKR’s Jordan Bruno

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Jordan Bruno Never stops! Thank goodness though, because he continues to do some amazing and exciting work.

Since his time as a semi finalist on My Kitchen Rules with mum Anna, he’s released an e-cook book to raise awareness for LGBTI mental health, started a YouTube Channel, become an outspoken advocate for marriage equality in Australia and more recently, an ambassador for New Caledonia’s TropOut 2017. We had a chance to chat to Bruno about all of this and more!

A lot has happened since your time on MKR! How has your life changed since your time on air?
It has been a very busy 12 months! My life is almost unrecognisable from where it was pre-My Kitchen Rules. I now get recognised wherever I go, and I’ve also been lucky enough to land ambassador roles with a range of high-profile organisations including my personal favourite, TropOut 2017.

You released your own digital cookbook late last year to benefit youth mental health, in particular, LGBTI youth. Can you tell us a bit about that project and how it is going?
It was a focus of mine to try to reach out to and connect with LGBTI youth based on the large number of messages I was receiving across my social media channels from kids reaching out for help. After some brainstorming with my incredible Mum I decided to release a cook book that highlights mental health issues of LGBTI youth, and tackles ways to support kids who are having trouble coming to terms with their sexuality. All money raised went to Headspace and Minus18 charity, as they both have an LGBTI focus. We have sent out 3,500 copies and raised thousands of dollars for both of the organisations.

As a celebrity and well-known name in Australia, how important do think it is to be out, proud and vocal about LGBTI issues?
Growing up I wasn’t exposed to too many LGBTI celebrities in the Australian media, so for me it was a real focus to be out and proud. By advocating equality on such a large platform you are able to help countless people and shine a light on issues that don’t receive as much coverage as they should.

You are very popular on social media these days; particularly on Instagram with your food themed photo shoots. Is a career in modelling something you’d been interested in pursuing?
HAHAHA! I don’t think I could meet the diet restrictions required to head into modelling – my love of food might hold me back! Although I do love doing some interesting and creative shoots for social media.

You’re also an ambassador for New Caledonia’s TropOut 2017, an event for gay travellers around the world. Can you tell us a bit about that?
I have been so blessed in the last 12 months with incredible opportunities, none better than being ambassador for TropOut 2017 New Caledonia. I essentially have to travel to an island paradise and have the time of my life with gay men from all across the globe. It is an incredible event and I’m so honoured to be a part of it.

New Caledonia looks and sounds amazing. Where was your favourite place to hang out while you were there?
Without a doubt, the beach! It is an island paradise with some of the most beautiful beaches and reefs I have ever seen in my life (and I’m from Western Australia). The weather is amazing, the water is warm, it isn’t dark until late and the drinks are sensational… so you will find me drinking a daiquiri by the water.

You must have been quite excited to try the food there. What was the cuisine like?
To my surprise the cuisine is incredible unique! It has all the makings of incredible French flavours with the twist of tropical ingredients. The meals are fresh and full of flavour, anyone that travels to New Caledonia is in for a treat.

What are you most excited about when you return for TropOut?
I think meeting all the gay men. There are incredible events on every day, including wine tastings, snorkelling and island parties… so I’m really looking forward to meeting all the friends I’ll be spending the seven days with.

You sound very busy. How do you manage to make time for your family, especially your MKR partner and mother, Anna?
I promise I don’t have any trouble seeing my Mum. Since the show we have done absolutely everything together (travel, cook, work, etc…), if anything I think I have had more family time than I did before.

What is your favourite dish to make right now?
Pasta! Always pasta! It reminds me of my Grandma and my childhood every time I make it and I’m so grateful for those childhood memories.

What can we expect to see from the Gay Chef next? Do you have any cooking projects coming up?
I’ve started a series of half-naked cooking videos that will be released across my YouTube channel very shortly, while still catering and cooking, I’ll always try and keep my social presence interesting.

To keep up to date with Jordan Bruno, make sure you follow him on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Also, be sure to get a copy of Bruno’s FREE cook book at Lastly, don’t forget to check out all the excitement happening at TropOut 2017 (May 6-13).

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