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23 BuzzFeed Videos, Lists and Articles That Will Rock Your Queer Socks

BuzzFeed has really grown in popularity over the past few years, largely because of their diverse range of news and entertainment presented in new and fun ways. The queer community is most certainly included in this diversity and so I thought it was time to compile a list, in true BuzzFeed style, of queer BuzzFeed videos, lists and articles that will rock your queer socks. Enjoy! 1.  9 Queer Women in Tech Tell Us What They’ve Learned  2.  Smashing Gender Binaries with the Queer Kids of Today 3.  59 Thoughts Every LGBT Student has Before Mardi Gras 4.  11 Things Everyone Always Assumes About Lesbians 5.  LGBT TV Characters are Whiter, Male-er, And Richer than Real Queer People 6.  Toms: The Complex World of Female Love, a short documentary by Coconuts TV, explores a sexual identity that is unique to Thailand. 7.  17 Times Queer Tumblr Totally Owned 2014 8.   Margaret Cho is Here, Queer, And Taking Questions About Anything 9.  Why Pronouns Matter for Trans People  10.  17 of the Sweetest Ways to Come …

Queer Fashion – What’s Out There?

I’ve recently picked up an interest in queer fashion and different queer labels currently available for sale. There’s a plethora of options available online, and for once, I can thank the marketing gods for pushing these options my way. Whether it’s a new queer print piece your after, or just some androgynous clothing that finally fits your style, here’s just a small list of  options available so you can queer up your wardrobe today! 1. PROUD ANIMALS I came across this brand when trolling Instagram for new queer content and people to follow. They have a cool range of sexuality and gender themed prints available on t-shirts, hoodies, socks, plugs, and much more. I haven’t bought anything from them yet but FYI they ship internationally and the pricing on the products don’t seem unreasonable ($32 for a tee, $48 for a sweater just to give you an idea). My favourite is the ‘Fuck Gender Norms’ sweater; Can’t wait for winter! Check out their Instagram and Website for more info and updates. 2. ANDROGYNY Androgyny was founded by Melissa …

Self Evident Truths – A Project About Equality

Did you know that in 29 states in the USA you can legally be fired for your sexuality? Self Evident Truths is a project that began in 2010 by New York City artist  iO Tillett Wright who brings to light such facts. She aims to take portraits of anyone who remotely fits into the LGBTQ spectrum showing “the humanity that exists in every one of us through the simplicity of a face.” The project aims to capture the faces of over 4000 people all over the US, having started NYC at 300. “All men are created equal, it’s written in the Declaration of Independence. We’re failing as a nation to uphold the morals upon which we were founded,” says Wright. “This is my contribution to the civil rights fight of my generation.” To find out more about the project and how you can get involved click here.