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23 BuzzFeed Videos, Lists and Articles That Will Rock Your Queer Socks

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BuzzFeed has really grown in popularity over the past few years, largely because of their diverse range of news and entertainment presented in new and fun ways. The queer community is most certainly included in this diversity and so I thought it was time to compile a list, in true BuzzFeed style, of queer BuzzFeed videos, lists and articles that will rock your queer socks. Enjoy!

1.  9 Queer Women in Tech Tell Us What They’ve Learned

queer women in tech

 2.  Smashing Gender Binaries with the Queer Kids of Today

buzzfeed smashing gender binaries

3.  59 Thoughts Every LGBT Student has Before Mardi Gras

buzzfeed mardi gras

4.  11 Things Everyone Always Assumes About Lesbians

buzzfeed uhaul

5.  LGBT TV Characters are Whiter, Male-er, And Richer than Real Queer People

buzzfeed how to get way with murder

6.  Toms: The Complex World of Female Love, a short documentary by Coconuts TV, explores a sexual identity that is unique to Thailand.

buzzfeed toms

7.  17 Times Queer Tumblr Totally Owned 2014

buzzfeed queer tumblr

8.   Margaret Cho is Here, Queer, And Taking Questions About Anything

buzzfeed marg cho

9.  Why Pronouns Matter for Trans People 

10.  17 of the Sweetest Ways to Come Out of the Closet

buzzfeed bi cake

11.  The Struggles of Binding According to Tumblr

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 9.39.58 AM

12.  What It’s Like to Come Out to Immigrant Parents

13.  15 Responses to the Question: “What Doe the Word ‘Queer’ Mean to You?

buzzfeed queer

14.  The Best Black Queer Books, Plays and Films

buzzfeed pariah

15.  25 Beautiful Photos of Queer Men of Color That Will Make You Believe in Love Again

buzzfeed men of color

16.  Queer High School Students are Totally Winning

Buzzfeed Sarah Lindstrom and Desiree Shelton

17.  20 People Bringing the Gay Agenda to Tumblr

BuzzFeed Genderqueer

18.  27 Must Have Queer Summer Reads

BuzzFeed Velvet Rage

19.  The Year Hip-Hop Went Queer

BuzzFeed Queer Hip-Hop

 20.  7 Reasons Everyone Should Take a Queer Theory Course

BuzzFeed Queer Lessons

 21.  Expensive, Exhausting, and Deeply Unsexy: Babymaking While Queer

BuzzFeed Babymaking While Queer

22.  Meet Television’s Groundbreaking Intersex Character

BuzzFeed Faking It Intersex Character

23.  19 LGBT Microaggressions You Hear on a Daily Basis

BuzzFeed LGBT

Any other queer BuzzFeed suggestions? Put them in the comments below!

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