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Top Queer Picks – Fringe World Festival Perth 2015

Perth Fringe is Finally here and in all my excitement I’ve compiled a list of of Top Queer Picks for 2015! I haven’t seen any of these shows before so this list is based purely off what I think looks and sounds a) entertaining b) super queer. Get excited! HEX – “Award-winning young choreographer James Welsby presents HEX, an hour-long, three person dance work reflecting on AIDS, activism, sex, and disco through the eyes and bodies of Generation Y. HEX depicts the arc of the AIDS epidemic and its impact on the queer community through allegorical vignettes using popular club dance vocabularies.” Le Gateau Chocolat – I Heart Chocolat – “This is an exclusive party featuring a delectable hand-picked selection of musical arrangements, as random as a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re going to get! But you can guarantee Le Gateau’s infectious energy and gargantuan voice will satisfy your festival taste-buds. From Glyndebourne Opera to singing for the Queen as part of the Jubilee Flotilla and touring the globe with La Soiree; to performing at the …

Internet Cat Video Festival 2015

Crowds of people gathered at Northbridge Piazza (Perth) yesterday for the 2015 Internet Cat Video Festival. Whilst this wasn’t a queer specific event, I thought I would still go down to laugh at some funny cat videos, enjoy the amazing weather, admire everyone’s cat costumes and go pet some kittens. Unfortunately, the kitten petting line looked like over an hour wait so I gave that a miss. As for everything else, it was cat-tastic! Plus, free entry! The event was brought to Perth by Cat Haven WA, the team at Northbridge Piazza and City of Perth. It was hosted by THE ever popular Famous Sharron, with Delish Ice providing the treats and the team at Flying Glow Worm Entertainment providing face painting fun for everyone. Check out the photos below!

8 Reasons You'll Love Famous Sharron (Not that you need them)

In the suburbs of Perth there lives a woman; a woman like no other. Her fame is something to be inspired by and her use of glitter and colourful outfits something to be flat out jealous of. I don’t even need to say the name, you know who I’m talking about already right? Famous, colourful, glamorous, funny and…FAMOUS. Oh what the heck, it makes me feel a little closer to fame every time I say it; it’s FAMOUS SHARRON. I finally had the opportunity to see a Famous Sharron show on Sunday night at Fringe World (Famous SHARRON – The Fame Game). I have to say, she definitely made me LOL throughout the whole show with her quick wit, performance routines and interviews. It’s definitely something you need to see at some stage in your life. To get an idea of what to expect from a Famous Sharron show and reasons why you’ll love her I thought I’d come up with a list of some of my favourite things about her performance from  the show I attended last week. 1. When …