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Young People Tell us What Makes Them Proud on Wear It Purple Day

Today is Wear It Purple Day! Wear It Purple Day is a day where people can wear purple to support young LGBTIQ+ people and their right to thrive, irrelevant of sex, sexuality or gender identity. To celebrate and commemorate the day, we asked young people what they are proud of. Here’s what they had to say! 1. Kirsty, 23   2. Jordan, 24 (My Kitchen Rules Contestant 2016)   3. Logan, 22   4. Chessca, 22   5. John, 21   6. Maggy, 15   7. Elle, 21   What are you proud of? Write in the comments section below!

Gayby Baby Review: Families Leading Lives of Diversity and Acceptance

I’m not sure what I expected as the lights came down at Cinema Paradiso on Sunday night for Perth’s Q&A screening of Gayby Baby. A documentary of course, but what kind of documentary? It seems anyone with a camera and something to say can make one these days, but it takes talent, determination and a lot of hard work to make something that has the ability to really inspire and make a difference in peoples lives. So, what kind of documentary is Gayby Baby? Gayby Baby follows the lives of four kids being raised by same sex parents; Gus, Ebony, Matt and Graham. Produced by Charlotte Mars and directed by Maya Newell, someone who also grew up with same sex parents, the film goes into great depth about the struggles, triumphs and day to day experiences of these kids, who’s parents just happen to be gay. Sounds great doesn’t it! The New South Wales government doesn’t think so. Just last week they banned the screening of Gayby Baby during school hours where it was scheduled …