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Glee's Chris Colfer is a Talented Writer Aswell?!

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Chris Colfer, better known for his golden globe winning role on Glee has proven his talents do not just remain on screen.

Colfer has recently published a children’s book ‘The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell’ and I was more than excited to read it! This page turner had me living in my 10 year old body for a few days as I was engrossed in a fairy tale world.

The story tells of 12 year old twins Alex and Conner who get lost in their grandmas story book. Forget the classic Disney versions of Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Chris pulls inspiration from Hans Christian Anderson and the Grimm brothers. From the very beginning I fell in love with both characters, Alex the quiet and reserved girl who loves reading and Conner the typical class clown boy who has trouble staying awake in class. Throughout their adventures they each bring their own humour to the story.

It all starts with a book given to Alex on her 12th birthday that she and her brother had grown up reading with their grandmother and now deceased father. The twins soon find themselves trapped in the Land of Stories with no way out. With the help of Froggy, an old journal and some princesses now turned queens of their own kingdom, Alex and Conner soon find out it’s not always a happy ending for everyone. As they get to know some of the less highlighted characters in our well known and loved Fairy Tales like Goldilocks and the Evil Queen. Running from wolves and witches and trolls and goblins, the twins become enthralled in this fantasy world and despite missing their mother are reluctant to leave.

With some exciting twists and turns in the story I can’t wait to see what Colfer comes up with next. I think anyone will enjoy this book, whether you are reading it to your kids or reliving your childhood days like me. I can definitely say I’ll be keeping this to read to my children one day. Congratulations Chris! 10/10.

By Hayley Wright

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