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Queer Fashion – What’s Out There?

I’ve recently picked up an interest in queer fashion and different queer labels currently available for sale. There’s a plethora of options available online, and for once, I can thank the marketing gods for pushing these options my way. Whether it’s a new queer print piece your after, or just some androgynous clothing that finally fits your style, here’s just a small list of  options available so you can queer up your wardrobe today! 1. PROUD ANIMALS I came across this brand when trolling Instagram for new queer content and people to follow. They have a cool range of sexuality and gender themed prints available on t-shirts, hoodies, socks, plugs, and much more. I haven’t bought anything from them yet but FYI they ship internationally and the pricing on the products don’t seem unreasonable ($32 for a tee, $48 for a sweater just to give you an idea). My favourite is the ‘Fuck Gender Norms’ sweater; Can’t wait for winter! Check out their Instagram and Website for more info and updates. 2. ANDROGYNY Androgyny was founded by Melissa …

In My Shoes – The Gender Centre Project

‘In My Shoes’ is a documentary short looking into the lives of five transgender people – the good times, the struggles and how they’ve got through them. It’s an initiative of the Transgender Anti-Violence Project at The Gender Centre Inc., NSW. “We hope that this film will serve as a resource for the wider community to better understand the issues facing young transgender and gender diverse people,” says the Gender Centre. “We also hope that it encourages transgender and gender diverse people of all ages to come forward and access support if they need it. “Thank you to these extraordinary young people for sharing their stories and to the incredible co-directors Monique Schafter and Mat Govoni.”