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Men In Style Society – New York fashion Blogger Shane Samuel

New York Fashion Week may be over but fashion is all year round! I was able to ask some questions to New York fashion blogger Shane Samuel recently. He talks about why he started his blog, being a fashion blogger in New York City, who he was keeping an eye on at this years New York Fashion Week and much more. Check it out. When did you first decide to start a men’s fashion blog and why?  I decided to start a fashion blog as an honor’s project during my sophomore year of college. I always had a thing for fashion, but I didn’t know how deep it went until I got to college and saw that almost all of the guys dressed the same. Can you explain to people who might not have seen your blog before, its aim and what it’s all about? I created Men In Style Society to serve as a platform for men who are looking for ideas to update their look or inspiration to create a new one. I …

Self Evident Truths – A Project About Equality

Did you know that in 29 states in the USA you can legally be fired for your sexuality? Self Evident Truths is a project that began in 2010 by New York City artist  iO Tillett Wright who brings to light such facts. She aims to take portraits of anyone who remotely fits into the LGBTQ spectrum showing “the humanity that exists in every one of us through the simplicity of a face.” The project aims to capture the faces of over 4000 people all over the US, having started NYC at 300. “All men are created equal, it’s written in the Declaration of Independence. We’re failing as a nation to uphold the morals upon which we were founded,” says Wright. “This is my contribution to the civil rights fight of my generation.” To find out more about the project and how you can get involved click here.