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The Importance of Self-Compassion Leading Up to the Australian Marriage Equality Postal Vote

News around the upcoming postal vote on marriage equality in Australia has been very topical on TV, social media and in conversations with family and friends alike. The non-binding vote, which will be mailed out on September 12, will show the Australian government whether Australian people agree with LGBTIQ+ people having the right to marry in Australia. When the general population are given the opportunity to express their opinion/s about someone else’s basic human rights, it can change the direction of the conversation immensely. Currently, despite the very positive voices of love and support across Australia, negative and harmful opinions have been amplified. This can, and is, taking a toll on the mental health and well-being of many LGBTIQ+ people in Australia. Everyone will react to the marriage equality debate differently. For some, it might take a while for things to set in, and time to process that this might actually be happening. In these times, when people may be making a lot of homophobic, biphobic, transphobic or intersex exclusionary comments, it’s important to know …

Friday's Fashion Post – 'Good Guys Don't Wear Leather'

By Jaini Shah Who wouldn’t want to wear some awesome vegan friendly shoes right from the suburbs of Paris? They’re fashionable, comfortable and contain no animal products because guess what? ‘Good Guys don’t wear leather’. In the words of Good Guys themselves; “GOOD GUYS cherishes the past, but embraces the future. The brand plays with shapes, styles and looks from older times, but continually explores new materials and production methods.” Sounds pretty cool huh? I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a pair of these bad boys for my birthday after a few of my friends put in to buy them for me. The best thing about them is that anyone can wear them and look uber fashionable with their amazing colours and styles suitable to fit anyone’s wardrobe. Check out the Good Guys website at for their new season stock or check out their Facebook page at for updates.