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Equal Marriage Rights in Washington: Senate Approves Bill

The Washington State Senate Passed a bill on Wednesday that will legalize same sex marriage. Gov. Chris Gregoire supports the measure and has agreed to sign it into law when it gets to the House. Applause broke out in the public galleries when the Senate passed the measure, a 28-21 vote. Democratic Sen. Ed Murray, a gay lawmaker from Seattle, and the bill’s sponsor believes those who vote against gay marriage should not be accused of bigotry nor should those who vote for it be accused of “undermining family life or religious freedom.” “Marriage is how society says you are a family” he said. Sen. Dan Swecker, R-Rochester argued against same sex marriage saying it will change the definition of marriage and “will lead to the silencing of those who believe in traditional marriage.” A referendum clause has been rejected, meaning opponents will have to wait to file a challenge once the law is passed. If opponents aren’t able to gather enough signatures, same sex couples will be able to get married starting June. For further information click here.

“Marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman" says Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu

Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu believes that marriage should stay between a man and a women and centuries of tradition should not be overturned by gay marriage.  Sentamu, the second most senior cleric in the Church of England doesn’t however, object to Civil Partnerships but in an interview with the Telegraph recently referred to them as being ‘friendships.’ “We supported Civil Partnerships because I believe that friendships are good for everybody” he said. “If you genuinely would like the registration of civil partnerships to happen in a more general way, most people will say they can see the drift. But if you begin to call those ‘marriage’, you’re trying to change the English language.” Peter Tatchell, the co-ordinator of the Equal Love campaign disagrees with Sentamu’s opinions. “It is not a Christian value to demand legal discrimination against gay couples and to treat them as inferior, second-class citizens with fewer rights than everyone else.” For the further information on the story visit The Telegraph and The Gaurdian.