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VIDEOS: Nick, Robin & Lex Share Their Stories for Trans Awareness Month

Last month was Transgender Awareness Month. We decided to share the stories of three transgender Australian’s to spread awareness of trans issues and experiences. Nick’s Story Hear Nick talk about his experiences growing up, coming out as trans, and founding TransFolk of WA. Robin’s Story Robin talks about her experiences coming out, transitioning and working with the transgender community! Lex’s Story Lex talks about being trans, the confines of the gender binary and their amazing artwork.

Perth’s Stand Up for Safe Schools! Snap Rally [PHOTOS]

On Monday night, March 21, Murray Street Mall was filled with people ready to show their support for the Safe Schools Coalition at the Stand Up for Safe Schools! Snap Rally. The rally was organised after the Liberal government announced plans to change, and eventually stop funding the program after 2017. Here are some photos of the rally, and of the people speaking up for Safe Schools in WA. To stay updated on issues relating to the LGBTIQ+ community in Australia,  join the LGBTIQ+ Community Action Group on Facebook here. To show your support for Safe Schools and to let the government know what you think of their recent decisions visit Lastly, remember to look after yourself! You can seek support at Lifeline and/or QLife! .

Gayby Baby Review: Families Leading Lives of Diversity and Acceptance

I’m not sure what I expected as the lights came down at Cinema Paradiso on Sunday night for Perth’s Q&A screening of Gayby Baby. A documentary of course, but what kind of documentary? It seems anyone with a camera and something to say can make one these days, but it takes talent, determination and a lot of hard work to make something that has the ability to really inspire and make a difference in peoples lives. So, what kind of documentary is Gayby Baby? Gayby Baby follows the lives of four kids being raised by same sex parents; Gus, Ebony, Matt and Graham. Produced by Charlotte Mars and directed by Maya Newell, someone who also grew up with same sex parents, the film goes into great depth about the struggles, triumphs and day to day experiences of these kids, who’s parents just happen to be gay. Sounds great doesn’t it! The New South Wales government doesn’t think so. Just last week they banned the screening of Gayby Baby during school hours where it was scheduled …