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Meet Eli Erlick: A Trans Youth Activist Who Stars in Tegan and Sara’s New Music Video “Faint of Heart”

Tegan and Sara released the music video for their song “Faint of Heart” last month. The song, from their 2016 album Love You To Death, is an 80’s inspired pop anthem about listening to your heart and not worrying what other people think. The music video, starring a group of young and inspiring LGBTQ people dressed as iconic figures in music history, is a beautiful hit of nostalgia, self-love and diversity. One of those young and inspiring people is Eli Erlick. Erlick is a queer transgender youth activist, writer and public speaker. She is also the Co-Founder and Director of Trans Student Educational Resources and has an uncanny resemblance to the Quin sisters themselves. We had the opportunity to talk to Erlick about the trans activism work she does, working with Tegan and Sara, and what it’s like to be the long lost Quin sibling. How did you get involved in the filming of the new Tegan and Sara video – Faint of Heart? It all started with a shirt. A friend commented that the …

Friday's Fashion Post: Tegan and Sara Team up with Keep

Tegan and Sara have teamed up with Keep Company to bring you some limited edition shoes which are available for pre-order from now until Tuesday February 11  at 11:59 PST. They will hit stores in late May 2014 but in limited numbers so make sure you pre-order if you’re really desperate to get your hands on a pair. Tegan’s Keep Plimsoll Homer features a quilted vegan leather body, a custom striped terry insole and purple color block accent on the bottom of the sole. Sara’s Keep Hi Top Guerra features illustrated international cat print, featuring cats meowing in different languages, a black accented heel stripe, sole and lining and a Signature Keep grass engraved cup sole. Both Tegan and Sara designed their own pair from top to bottom and are very excited by the results. “Both shoes really reflect our own personal style, so we hope you love them as much as we do,” they said. For further info and to pre-order yourself a pair visit