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15 Gender Neutral Bathrooms That All Ignore the Gender Binary

1. This gender neutral restroom which this high school senior advocated for, so that future generations don’t have to 2. This inclusive portable toilet at Sacramento Pride 3. This bathroom at Twist, Seattle’s Queer Film Festival, which explains what facilities are available inside 4. This bathroom which has been liberated from the gender binary 5. This bathroom which is more concerned about hygiene than being gendered 6. These artistic gender neutral washrooms that will brighten up your day 7. Just Toilets! 8. This bathroom that has people over the moon about its existence 9. This colourfully poster covered bathroom that welcomes all 10. These beautiful seahorse themed gender neutral bathrooms 11. This bathroom with a cool logo 12. These restrooms with the choice of multi or single stall 13. This facility open to all human beings 14. This all gender bathroom being used by everyone! 15. And finally, these amazing designs from a Buzzfeed article